Ju Chen

Research Scientist(CV)

Deepbits Inc.

Email: jchen757@ucr.edu
Phone: (585) 434-8060

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What's new
  • 07/26/2022: SymSan work received "Artifacts Available" and "Artifacts Functional" badges.
  • 07/11/2022: Presented JIGSAW work at Intel Labs.
  • 06/07/2022: Defended my Ph.D. thesis
  • 05/26/2022: SymSan paper accepted to 31st USENIX Security Symposium 2022.
  • 04/06/2022: JIGSAW paper accepted to 43rd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2022.
  • 01/01/2020: I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at University of California, Riverside, working on research topics of computer security. I am fortunate to be advised by Professor Heng Yin and Chengyu Song
  • 08/23/2019: I finished my internship at Baidu X-lab. Checkout the MesaTee project!

Research Projects

Invited Talks
  • 8/31/2022, SSLab, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 7/11/2022, Intel Labs

  1. Ju Chen, Wookhyun Han, Mingjun Yin, Haochen Zeng, Chengyu Song, Byoungyong Lee, Heng Yin, and Insik Shin. "SymSan: Time and Space Efficient Concolic Execution via Dynamic Data-Flow Analysis", USENIX Security Symposium 2022
  2. Ju Chen, Jinghan Wang, Chengyu Song, Heng Yin. "JIGSAW: Efficient and Scalable Path Constraints Fuzzing", IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2022
  3. Yuzhe Tang, K. Li, Q. Zhang, J. Xu, Ju Chen. “Authenticated Key-Value Stores with Hardware Enclaves”, ACM/IFIP Middleware 2021 (Industrial track)
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  7. Yuzhe (Richard) Tang, Zihao Xing, Ju Chen, Cheng Xu and Jianliang Xu. ”Lightweight Logging over the Blockchain for Data-Intensive Applications”, 2nd Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts 2018 at Financial Cryptography (Workshop paper)
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  • 2020,2021,2022: CS153, Design of Operating Systems
  • 2017 Spring: CIS655/CSE699, Advanced Computer Architecture
  • 2018 Fall: CIS600/FIN600, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Professional Services
  • Conference (sub)reviewer: TKDE, ICPADS, TDSCSI, IPDPS and IEEE cloud
  • Conference (sub)reviewer: USENIX Security, IEEE S&P

  • iDash 2017 Student Travel Grant

  • 2016: Trustworthy key-value store based on LevelDB using SGX
  • 2015: Intel SGX emulator (GitHub repo)
  • 2009-2010, 2013-2015: Display drivers for Intel integrated graphics card (Source Code)
  • 2012: Android application to demostrate Wi-Fi direct(Wi-Fi direct)
  • 2011: USB-over-IP protocol via Windows Device Drivers
  • 2008: USB gadget driver for Intel's platform
  • 2007: Instrument test automation tools for Agilent Instruments



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