Ju Chen

Ph.D. student in Computer Science (CV)
Advisor: Dr. Yuzhe Tang

Department of EECS
Syracuse University

Email: jchen133@syr.edu
Phone: (585) 434-8060
Office: 4-294 CST

Short Bio: I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science. My research interest is building end-to-end secure storage systems by assuming reliable third-parties, such as Intel SGX and Blockchain. Previously, I was a software engineer in Intel Corporation. I know how to tweak complicated system software such as OS and DBMS quickly.

  • Research Interests: Trusted Execution Environment (e.g. Intel SGX) and Blockchain
  • Projects:
    • Authenticated Cloud Storage With Minimal Trust Using Intel SGX
    • Data-oblivious query processing using Intel SGX
    • Secure multi-party databases

  • K. Areekijsereeree, Ju Chen, Yuzhe Tang, Shuang Wang, Arun Iyengar and B. Palanisamy. "Secure and Efficient Multi-Party Directory Publication for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing." SecureComm 2018, AR=30.6%
  • Yuzhe (Richard) Tang, Zihao Xing, Ju Chen, Cheng Xu and Jianliang Xu. ”Lightweight Logging over the Blockchain for Data-Intensive Applications”, 2nd Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts 2018 at Financial Cryptography (Workshop paper)
  • Ju Chen, Yuzhe (Richard) Tang and Hao Zhou. ”Strongly Secure and Efficient Data Shuffle on Hardware Enclaves”, SysTex 2017 at ACM SOSP (Workshop paper)
  • John Ye, Jason Chen, Tianzhou Chen and Qinsong Shi, ”Conflict-Free Code Block Scheduling to Hide SpMT Inter-Core Register Sync Delay”, PDCAT ’14
  • John Ye, Jason Chen, Tianzhou Chen, Minghui Wu and Li Liu, ”Offline Data Dependence Analysis to Facilitate Runtime Parallelism Extraction”, CSE ’14
  • Ju Chen, Qi Zhao and Jinming Dong, ”Research on kernel encoding function of H.264 CODEC JM8.6”, Computer Engineering and Design 2008-17 [pdf]

  • iDash 2017 Student Travel Grant
  • Conference (sub)reviewer: TKDE, ICPADS, TDSCSI, IPDPS and IEEE cloud

  • 2016: Trustworthy key-value store based on LevelDB using SGX
  • 2015: Intel SGX emulator (GitHub repo)
  • 2009-2010, 2013-2015: Display drivers for Intel integrated graphics card (Source Code)
  • 2012: Android application to demostrate Wi-Fi direct(Wi-Fi direct)
  • 2011: USB-over-IP protocol via Windows Device Drivers
  • 2008: USB gadget driver for Intel's platform
  • 2007: Instrument test automation tools for Agilent Instruments